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An image of Christ from Jevan Dhara, A Christian Ashram in India


Christianity is the faith of nearly one-third of the world's believers. The major streams of Christianity are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Most Christians share a common faith in God the Creator, the Redeemer (Jesus Christ), and Sanctifier (Holy Spirit). The Christian Way centres on the mediating power and presence of the Risen Christ and the inner working of the Holy Spirit. Jesus summed up his message in the gospels as "love God and thy neighbor."

Bryants with Bishop Ajuoga, founding Bishop of the Church of
Christ in Africa, an Independent African Church, and Professor Ogutu
in Embu, Kenya
Sister Vandana Mataji is a Catholic
sister who founded the
Jevan Dhara Ashram in North India.


Fresco in Santa Chiara in Istanbul
Image of Christ inside a
church in Cappadocia